December 10, 2010

Entertainment Logo Colors - Why go bright?

Entertainment logos are the graphical icons that can get onlookers excited. A number of companies have gained worldwide reputation because of their creative and persuasive entertainment logo designs. Attractive entertainment logos are essential for the prosperity of your business, taking your business to the next level of fame and success.

With the artistic designing and styles, entertainment logos help you to standout in the marketplace. One of the important aspects for creating entertainment logo designs is to select suitable colors that can make them effective as well as famous for your company. In this post, I will describe how one can select colors for creating entertainment logos.

Bright Color Palette – Bringing Reviving Feel in Entertainment Logos

When it comes to design entertainment logos, selecting vivid color scheme is a sensible decision. Entertainment logos should be lively in the appearance, so choosing colors which bring excitement in the minds of onlookers will be the best choice. Colors such as blue, red, indigo, orange and their various combinations are generally used in entertainment logos. Bright colors make the logo look more attractive and appealing while enhancing the other features of logo design. 

Vivid Colors – Add a Stylish Look to an Entertainment Logo Design

Entertainment logos should be trendy, energetic and inviting in their appearance. A stylish and exclusive logo, with bright and dark colors will surely attract your prospective audience. Incorporating a bright color scheme in entertainment logos will give them a stylish look and you will be able to lure people towards your products and services.  An elegantly designed entertainment logo also conveys the message of your business easily.

All in all, bright color palette is critical for creating winning entertainment logo designs that help foster your business and provide a unique brand identity in the marketplace.

November 20, 2010

Entertainment Logos In Web 2.0 - Trends And Styles Of Today

In the rise of the Web 2.0 sites services and capabilities, a lot of online entertainment and media-related businesses and sites are becoming popular, especially with the younger generation. Inevitably, since the web is a visual-dependent marketplace, these sites and companies has paved the way for a more upscale and modern entertainment logo design trend, ready to take on that younger market.

Upcoming entrepreneurs in the business, whose main focus of media is the web, needs to study and evaluate the new trends and styles in logo design. This is especially true for entertainment and media-based companies, as they will be expected to come up with impressive corporate identities and logo images.

Today, some visible trends are already changing the face of the web entertainment industry. Here are some of the latest trend designs:

1.Keyboard Symbols and Punctuations. Incorporated into an effective entertainment logo design, it speaks of communication and freedom of expression. These are now firmly rooted in teen speak, emails and IM messaging. They have now transgressed into different media, logos and expressions, always denoting a mysterious viewer-dependent interpretation.

2.Soft Font Styles are a clear and sure way to instantly express familiarity and ease of use. The Skype logo and the MySpace logo are tried and tested examples, making a hip and forceful presentations as dynamic designs. Rounded typefaces from different families of font styles are now the leaders in inserting that friendly, un-edgy quality in entertainment logos.

3.Halves and Reflections. These designs are effective and attractive in all logo approaches, whether they be abstract, typographical or a combination. Slightly faded reflections below the name depicts a clarity that is eye-pleasing. Halves leave a smart and witty impression that leaves the viewer more interest to see the design longer. Its a subtle and well-conceived variation that speaks of modern technology.

4.Futuristic Font Styles are very popular among web media logos. They definitely project an advanced and progressive status that speaks highly of their content as a site or service as a business. Hard edges, high-quality finishing and pixels defines the trend for new and up-coming web companies. Solid, geometric lines are also an element of this trend.

5.Primary Colors are a new trend that is quickly finding its way to large and strong web-based companies. This is evident among entertainment logos like Xanga and Shutterfly. Multiple solid colors like, red, blue, green and yellow are present in minimal and controlled amounts. This trend is a well-established look that echoes the giants Ebay and Google.

6.3D effects are feasible on images, icons, and letters, making them attractive and upbeat logos. Exploring the potentials of 3D is wide and almost limitless; the effects or relief in framed images as well as shadow and lighting in abstract icons are an exploding trend.

As a whole, the shift of the logo trends in entertainment logos are leans toward the burgeoning Web 2.0 sites and connections. This shift is tailor-made to suit tastes and inclinations of the younger generation and as a whole impress the older ones with logo designs that are made in high quality.

Source: Ezine Articles

October 18, 2010

Entertainment Logos - How To Pitch A Unique Concept

How To Pitch A Unique Concept

When commissioning a logo design, you naturally have some sort of an idea what it would look like. A great logo design is crucial, especially for up-and-coming entertainment and media companies. Therefore, a great entertainment logo design is bubbling in your mind, all a part of your strategic branding campaign.

However, aside from the fact that it looks good, it must definitely be distinct and unique. This is where these guidelines come in, making sure that the idea in your mind is perfectly different, apart from all other media companies. This hold much importance for three reasons:

1.A distinct and unique mark will make it easier for you to get trademark rights.
2.This uniqueness makes an impact to your target audience.
3.It will represent the character of your company early on.

Now that you are convinced, here are a few points that will help you in brainstorming a great idea for an entertainment logo design:

Be Inspired by Ancient or Exotic Cultures
Designs, names and characters from different pasts and civilizations holds much interest and are virtually just being discovered in the logo design business. Tiki idols and tribal designs are interpretative of an upbeat, funky media. Greek names and Roman images are an inexhaustible inspiration, often bringing about a sense of nobility, heights and success. Oriental styles naturally have Zen feel to it. Find one that fits into the name, products and services of your business.

Draw Inspirations from the Quirks and Images of your Business
Distinct aspects of your business and market can actually give you an effective and eye-catching logo. A Christian rock label can both blend upbeat and hip styles with iconic symbols and images. A portraiture business which specialize in child portraits can opt for a fantasy-childlike approach.

Use Animated figures or images like Animals or Elements descriptive of your Company
An entertainment fill find this concept excellent for client presentations, where there is an advantage for graphics and presentation. Animals and elements which denote aspects or values that the company wants to imply are entirely effective. A lion may symbol grandeur and tenacity while a fox may imply business edge and quick project turnovers. elements like fire will denote strength while water will give a relaxed and deep character.

Read up on Logo Trends and Consult your Logo Designers
In order to get an idea what works in logo trends nowadays, read up and look at the best logos of the world and also the logos of new companies today. The logo company you commissioned for the design will also pitch in some concept and insights that would give your entertainment logo all the difference in the world.

In the end, make a entertainment logo concept that is unique and eye-catching without being over-the-top and full of elements. This way, your entertainment logo can be instantly suggestive and efficient in just one glance. Pitch your concept to your trusted logo design experts and you would have an excellent logo design in no time.

September 14, 2010

5 Things an Entertainment Logo Should Reflect

Regardless of the type of industry, the requirements for creating a good logo are the same across the board. However when it comes to entertainment logos, these requirements are emphasized quite vigorously. That is because a lot is expected from an entertainment logo. It has to deliver at all costs.

Here we will mention a few things that companies should try to implement in entertainment logos. It should reflect these attributes if it is to capture the attention of its audience.

Graphic Objects – Inserting a graphic object in the logo can be instrumental in associating your business with your relevant industries. It can also make the logo look more attractive.

Originality – An Entertainment logo has to reflect originality. It makes a company unique and indicates how different it is from the rest.

Simplicity  that Speaks Volumes – This is easier said than done but it is not impossible. Customers find simple logos to be more appealing than complex ones. When it comes to entertainment logos, saying more with less works wonders.

Contrasting Colors – Colors are a key part of good logo design. However, it is important not to get carried away and use too many colors at once. Stick with two to three appropriate contrasting colors to enhance the look of the logo.

Elegant Fonts – Companies intending to use fonts in their logo should do so wisely. Avoid using too many letters. The font style and size should be carefully picked and debated.

An elegantly designed entertainment logo can tell a lot company. It shows how it functions and how serious it is about its commitments to its clients. Keeping the above attributes in mind will reflect those commitments and increase customer confidence.

September 9, 2010

Entertainment Logos and Their Impact on Company Revenues

Entertainment logos and company revenues go hand in hand. Almost every company connected to the vast entertainment industry relies on a logo to establish themselves in the market. It is an essential part of any business strategy which stems from the fact that consumer today associate logos with trust when making purchasing decisions.

These logos can have a profound impact on a company’s revenues, provided that they are carefully designed and smartly marketed. Below are just a few noteworthy factors.

Eye-Catching Design – An entertainment logo has to capture the attention of viewers almost instantly. A customer has to look at the logo and then never be able to forget it. Eye catching designs are instrumental in creating that ever lasting impact. Customers respond to attractive designs and are more inclined to make a purchase thus increasing revenues.

Proper Use of Fonts and Colors – A key element of good logo design is proper application of font type, font size and colors. Almost all logos use fonts, colors or both. These are essentially tools that can make a logo stand out from the crowd. Pleasing colors and nifty fonts attract customers.

A Sense of Belonging – One of the reasons why entertainment logos are so successful is that they create a sense of belonging in the viewers. It instills in them the feeling that they deserve to be associated with the company. This results in a huge, dedicated and devoted fan base which directly impacts revenues.

The important of entertainment logos today cannot be ignored. The right logo can take companies to new heights they never thought were achievable. 

September 6, 2010

Network & Production Logos that cater to Kids

There are so many networks and production houses out there that cater to animation and specifically to kids. However only a few can qualify as the top notch. Here are a few of the very best: