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December 30, 2011

Are you setting up a business related to the entertainment industry? Are you supplying entertainment products? Then you ought to create a logo that is special, unique and truly relating to the industry. Remember there are loads many competitors out there, so make sure that you get entertainment logos created well enough to stand out from the crowd. 
A logo has proved to be the best utility to promote a positive image of a brand that offers quality products with timely delivery. A good logo designer sets out design components in a specific way to capture the essence of the brand and also uses the logo to promote the services or products offered by that brand.
Make sure your transport logo is flexible and that it can be used on all kinds of mediums. For that its necessary for it to be a vector based image. Your designer should know the technical details of logos, but it wouldn’t harm if you would also remain aware and updated. Always set a clear design brief for your designer to understand clearly what you want from your logo design. 

November 20, 2011

3 Habits of Successful Entertainment Logo Designers

Depending on who you ask, every designer will have his own interpretation of what constitutes a successful graphic designer. Many associate success with monetary gains and personal wealth. Others attribute it to being the front runners of the design industry in terms of knowledge and experience.

1.       Creating Unique Work
It really matters for graphic designers to stand out from the crowd. Creating unique drafts is the only way they can distinguish themselves from the rest. Granted there is some ego involved but it is no doubt a healthy one.

2.       Always Keen To Learn More
The graphic design industry is always in a state of evolution with new tools and technologies emerging every week. Good designers stay fully aware of all developments taking place in the design world. It helps them stay up-to-date and keep their skills razor sharp.

3.       Procrastination Not Allowed 
Successful graphic designers never end up behind the eight ball. They never put things off for tomorrow. They keep tabs on their progress and make sure they never fall behind. Procrastination is one mistake no designer can afford to make if he wants to be succeed.

August 22, 2011

Primary Features of Medical Logo Design

Primary Features of Medical Logo Design
To design a medical logo, you need to be aware of a few basic elements of logo designing. Very few designers are able to understand the importance of these elements in logo designing, as they are mostly busy with designing complicated logos, thinking that the more complex their design, the more professional they may seem. This however is a wrong approach. It is necessary that logo designers understand the theory behind prime features such as color, font and image use in a logo design. Restricting ourselves to medical logos, let’s see what the main elements are. 

Color Elements
Colors are a great way to convey your message effectively. Colors can trigger certain thoughts and emotions in the brain and contribute to memory recognition; therefore, they are important in passing on the correct feelings when displaying your logo. Hidden behind every color is a meaning that depicts the importance of the color. Red signifies an important message where blue would signify a corporate color. 

The two most common colors used in medical logos are blue and red. However, if you have a good sense of color combination, you can always set up a new color combo that makes a medical logo more appealing to the eye. Green is another color often used in medical logo concepts since it triggers thoughts of health, environment, nature and growth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Textual Elements

Fonts, or styles of the words used in the logo, can also have a huge impact on the message a company is trying to send. Logo designers have to decide on fonts that best represents the medical industry. Arial, Times New Roman are some of the commonly used fonts as they are formal and gives a professional outlook to the logo. You can even have the text designed slightly to make the logo seem interesting.

Style Factors

Though most may disagree on medical logos needing style, it is a fact that a logo that is simple in its style but strong in its message has proved to be the most successful. Adapting to the same old traditional logos will not give you a unique logo. Why use the same pill, stethoscope and medical suits to represent medical logos? When designers strive to give businesses a unique logo, they are enhancing the business’s profitability.
The next time you sit and create a medical logo, make sure you know of these factors carefully.